Coronavirus Information

Changes to how we are operating

We have been working hard to consider every step of our processes to ensure you are kept as safe as possible while enjoying your experience in-store at Bailey & Sons. We are still here to help you with every jewellery project you have, but we have made some changes to keep you safe.

View COVID-19 Compliance Statement

Our Opening hours

Monday – Saturday 9am – 4.30pm

These hours will be reviewed and may change after the 30th September.


How we communicate with you

Although we are open reduced hours, we will still be here during our normal hours to help you any way we can.

Phone calls: We will be answering calls from 8.45am until 5.30pm.

Video calling: We are able to use some of our phones or laptop to send you a link to Zoom video chat. This link can be sent to you via email or mobile for your ease. If you do not want to come into the store this way we can still help you find what you are looking for or to have a consultation about a service you require.

Emails: We will be back to manning our emails as usual and we can send you images and videos of items on request so you can be confident you have found the right piece.

By Appointment

Customers are welcome to visit our shop without an appointment, however, if you have something specific you’d like to discuss, such as choosing wedding rings or customising your jewellery, you can book an appointment between the hours of 9am and 4.30pm Monday to Saturday.

If you are shielding but still wish to visit our shop, please select a shielding appointment in our booking system and we’ll close the shop for the duration of your visit. Shielding appointments are only available for 15 or 30 minutes at 9am Monday to Saturday.

Please note: Due to Covid-19, at the moment watch repairs, alterations including batteries will have a three day turnaround and cannot be carried out during an appointment

Book an Appointment

We LOVE our customers so…

  • Please do not enter if you have or recently had a fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell
  • Please pay by card when possible
  • We would insist that all our customer use the antibacterial hand sanitiser on our door please before entering. This is an automatic pump so just place your hand underneath. (using your own is no problem at all)
  • Please avoid close contact and put distance between yourself and others
  • If you are wearing a face mask, please understand our security need to see ID and we may possibly ask you to remove your mask and look at our camera

Changes inside the store

  • Increasing handwashing and surface cleaning
  • Adding Protective screens on our counters
  • Using a hatch to allow the passing of goods between you and the team
  • Using face visors & gloves when appropriate
  • Being careful not to cross-contaminate customers goods
  • Cleaning our stock after every viewing
  • Having strict cleaning schedules that insist on cleaning desks and serving equipment between each customer and key touchpoints throughout the store several times a day
  • Our staff will wash their hands between each customer they greet to make sure to keep themselves, and you safe
  • We have removed our single chair to ensure we are safely distancing everyone in the store

Taking in Customers goods

Before we touch and examine your jewellery it will go through a cleaning process to allow us to safely examine it. Some of the team may wear gloves for this cleaning process while others will sanitise with antibacterial gel.

Watch Batteries will be done on a 3 day/72 hour time turnaround due to the fact they are hard to clean and sanitise.

Thank you for visiting this page and being cautious and considerate at this time.
We have missed all our customers during lock-down and we cannot wait to help all of you again.

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